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Poem to Myself

“Poem to Myself”

by Helen Rousseau**

Your spirit has been

on the back-room shelf,

hiding in safety

until this day,

praying for courage

in your struggle

to be free.

How welcome this reunion

to know you aren’t lost,

but have been guided

through it all

by the truth of who you are.

As each painful memory

comes to your mind,

embrace it

and give that wounded self

the love for which you

have been longing.

As joy is recovered,

revel in it and thank it

for returning, though

slowly it may come.

As hope opens a door,

trust you will not close it

but open it more

to travel the path

becoming clear

as you walk it.

Your heart is true.

It will not lead you astray.

**This poem is from her book, Coming to the Edge: Fifty Poems for Writing and Healing

Illustration by Dominique Vissenberg


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