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Our Approach

Our Approach


“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” (Carl Jung)

Our approach is based on the theories of Carl Jung, John Bradshaw, Frederick S. Perls and others, and innovatively brings together a range of emotion-focused and cognitive techniques under one roof. Specifically, we use the following three keys to guide you along your transformational journey:




  1. The understanding of your True Self, profiled by the MBTI®; the realisation that this is who you truly are, and is separate from     

  2. your defence mechanism, profiled by the Enneagram, and

  3. inner child or shadow work aimed at dismantling the power of old wounds and early childhood conditioning over the person you are today.

Unlike conventional “talk therapy”, 3Keys work is a process with a beginning, middle and an end. You will start with deepening your understanding of your true self using the MBTI®. You will then explore how, under stress, the Enneagram, as your coping mechanism, takes over automatically and unconsciously, and how this has had an impact on your life and well-being. In early childhood you needed this coping mechanism for emotional survival; however, as you become an adult, your rational, mature cognitive part should be in the driver’s seat.

Unfortunately, often in adulthood, the Enneagram continues to play its protective role. Through 3Keys work, you discover that you still deal with old problems - such as a controlling parent, a parental divorce, the conclusions we drew from that divorce, a traumatic experience, and the like - with the same coping strategies you used as a child. The physical and emotional memories of “those old problems” are stored as body memories, while the old problem itself resides in your subconscious. When this old problem, which we label as a "programme", is kicked into action, it causes you to think and respond as you did in childhood. This automatic reaction happens because the non-rational or subconscious part of the brain where these programmes are stored has no sense of time having passed.


3Keys work serves to create a bridge within you between this "eternal" space of your subconscious and the conscious, rational part of you that is best equipped to make decisions in the here and now. As you progress on your path, you will be guided to overcome the challenges of shifting control away from your non-rational, subconscious defence mechanism and into the charge of rational and mature thinking. 

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Outcomes of 3Keys Work

Over the course of 3Keys work, you will find that old problems no longer control your life or pose a threat to your wellbeing. What’s more, because engaging in this work will help to establish a sense of being in control of counterproductive emotional patterns (rather than they controlling you), you will discover a completely new sense of agency over your life, including joy in your work and creative life.


Through our approach you will also be able to release the ways in which other people’s needs and expectations are draining and restricting you. When you put your true values and talents at the heart of your life, you will gradually experience more vitality, resilience, intimacy and authenticity. Finally, as you reach the end of the process, you will come away with a set of sustainable healing tools that you have learned to use independently, for life, without being dependent on a 3Keys Practitioner or other therapist.


In short, by experiencing our approach, and being willing to commit to the process, you will lay the basis for a more purposeful, authentic and fulfilling life.

What People Say

What People Say

When life starts to feel dull, empty, and worthless. When I was at the rock bottom all alone, scared of the unknown and for my future, thinking about ending life whilst the world outside was burning, I reached out to a lot of people to find hope again. I did find it. I found the website 3keys and decided to give it one last try, before I give up life. The Practitioner I reached out to was fast to respond. In our first session she told me this is a life changing therapy. However, as someone who has experience with different therapists and even more kinds of therapy, I was in disbelieve. I heard that before and they were never right, but she was. This therapy has changed my life, changed me to the best I can be and always will be. She had the tools and the knowledge to help a 21-year-old to feel alive again after years of walking around as a dead body with an empty soul. I started therapy in October 2020, and I’ve made a huge improvement in 10 months’ time. I’ve learned why I’ve been feeling depressed, empty, worthless, guilty, and more for so long! I have finally found some answers to why am I like this. Who am I? I have learned how to cope with life, how to be really me, how to not get consumed back into the black hole of sadness and misery. Dear reader, if you came here looking for answers, or for one last attempt, you have come to the right place. This therapy is life changing and it is real. But more importantly, my Practitioner has been a star guiding me out of the black hole I was stuck in for years and I’m very grateful for everything she has done for me.

A., 21 years old

“I feel this combination of MBTI®, Enneagram and Inner Child work is the most helpful form of therapy in which I ever have participated. I have seen more practical, tangible, positive results from this inner work than anything else I have tried.”

Danielle, St. Louis, Missouri

“Working with the 3Keys Practitioner was an eye opening and grounding experience. It made me see things from a different perspective and embrace myself for who I am. Having to talk to the 3Keys Practitioner was very therapeutic and calming. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to discover themselves.”

A.S., Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

"Before I started the Inner Child Work with the 3Keys Practitioner, I hesitated if this would help me on top of all the personal development work I have been doing. However, after a first simple exercise, I understood that there were still a lot of bottled feelings that I needed to address. I quickly saw some amazing results. I became lighter and less worried about my responses to people stepping over my boundaries, and so it was easier to respond in a healthy manner, without too much thinking. The process was super efficient, I could see lasting results after a couple of days and I got tools to do the work any time on my own.

Lenka, Brussels, Belgium

"The 3Keys work has helped me to better understand myself and the way I used to react to people and events. I have found inner peace and my self-esteem has grown. I became a better and more confident mother for my son. Family patterns no longer have me in their grip."

M, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands

“Choosing to do inner work was one of the most difficult yet most rewarding decisions of my life. Through the sessions with my 3Keys Practitioner, I was able to heal inner wounds, change destructive patterns and empower myself with tools she provided. After each session I felt lost, but little by little, that feeling faded away until one day I felt completely in control of my own self (in every sense). Her approach is incredibly kind and supportive; I would describe her as a guide, pointing on the direction one has to face while giving the tools to build a new path. I cannot recommend this therapy enough, it changed my life.”

Monse, Mexico City, Mexico

“La decisión de hacer trabajo interno es una de las más difíciles y más gratificantes que he tomado en mi vida. Durante las sesiones con la 3Keys Practicante pude sanar heridas internas, cambiar patrones destructivos y empoderarme con las herramientas que ella me dió. Después de cada sesión me sentía perdida, pero poco a poco, ese sentimiento desapareció hasta que un día me sentí en completo control de mí misma (en todo sentido). Su enfoque es increíblemente bondadoso y comprensivo, la describiría como una guía, apuntando en la dirección que uno debe enfrentar mientras que brinda las herramientas para construir un nuevo camino. No puedo recomendar esta terapia lo suficiente, cambió mi vida.”

Monse, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico

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