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Nesreen Albrahimy


Languages :  AR  EN

My primary motivation is my right to live healthier, calmer, and more peaceful with myself and others and how to become free and harmonious. I struggled with a sense of imbalance and discontent, feeling that something was amiss in my approach to life. I pursued various specializations and professions, moving frequently. Despite many successes, I found myself trying to figure out what I truly wanted. I participated in numerous workshops and training programs to learn about myself and my personality.


Discovering the 3keys program was a part of my journey of self-discovery and using the tools to heal and grow. It was smooth to reach this point, but the process enriched and helped me. 3keys enabled me to accept challenges, notice changes, and find the calmness and balance that allowed me to access my inner wisdom as an approach and way of life.

My life's vision has crystallized - I am driven to empower others to unearth their wisdom, define their personalities, and set their goals. I am deeply committed to leveraging my experiences and the 3keys program to guide others on their self-discovery and personal growth journey. This commitment is a professional aspiration and a personal mission to which I am wholeheartedly dedicated.


I am Nesreen Al-brahimy, a practitioner of the 3keys program, a teacher, and a workshop leader on the "Heal Your Life" program. My professional journey includes a bachelor's degree in financial accounting and a master's in project management. These have equipped me with the skills and knowledge to guide others in their personal and professional growth.

Mobile: +966564014574


Instagram: Nesreen_albrahimy

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