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Lidija Mavra


Languages :  EN  SP  SERB-CRO

I believe that we all have it in us to choose to live in healthier, calmer and more peaceful ways, with ourselves, others and the planet… and that this choice begins within, inside our own minds and bodies. This understanding was brought home to me during the twelve years I worked intensively with people from disadvantaged communities internationally, from Lima to London, as a social researcher. In doing so, I discovered that much of the pain that abounds in situations of social injustice is located on a deeper level than the purely sociological – individual and family factors are vital.


This discovery then came to form part of my own journey of self-discovery via the 3Keys model, with life changing implications. Today, I continue to use 3Keys tools to heal and grow when life calls for it, as well as share them with my clients in deep commitment to the work.


I am a PhD-qualified social scientist and certified in administering the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.™ I currently live in Tijuana, Mexico, where I offer 3Keys sessions via my own practice, Free Your Core, in English, Spanish and Serbian/Croatian, whether weekly or in 5-7 day intensives online (or in-person if local).


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