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Lenka Grackova

Languages: CZ  FR  EN

I have been always fascinated by people and I have always struggled with anxiety of doing new things. My coping mechanism was to do as many new and scary things, so that I never have to be afraid again. It helped me to experience the world and change career many times. But by living all the time out of my comfort zone, I often felt not good enough and my anxiety increased. After 10 years of self-searching and experiencing different tools, I discovered 3Keys method and the anger work. It brought me a different perspective on myself and how I show up in the world. I feel more in peace, trust myself more and have better relationships with my loved ones.


I offer 3Keys work in Belgium, in person and in combination with on-line sessions. Occasionally in the Czech Republic, which is my country of origin. I help my clients find their true-selves and feel more comfortable in their own skin.


I have a master’s degree in international Trade, MBA from Leuven Management School.

Besides being 3Keys Practitioner, I’m also a PCC professional coach and a trainer in time-management, communication, well-being and diversity & inclusion. My passion is to help people find a new purpose and a new life structure at work and in retirement.

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