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Ilja van Roon

Languages: NL  EN

My clients feel at ease with me. I am present and gentle, but also honest and clear. I have a sharp mind that always gets to the heart of the matter, no matter how well it is hidden.

I am an adventurer. I love to learn, discover the world and explore my inner world. The name In Search Of is a reflection of that. It is also an invitation to my clients to discover their own path. 

My own path hasn’t been straightforward. I have overcome depression and anxiety, and the inability to connect emotionally. In quick succession my baby niece, only sister and oldest son died. Marriage and parenthood have brought out the best and the worst in me. 

My clients are men and women from all over the world. I have been working in the corporate world for 20 years and am a natural partner for leaders. 

I work closely with my wife and fellow 3Keys practitioner Fleur van Roon-Heuzinkveld. We are both licensed relationship therapists and can offer couples a closely aligned combination of an individual 3keys process for both partners and couples therapy. This is important because many relationship issues have their roots in our personal history and cannot be solved in the relationship. 

In supporting my clients, I make use of a broad range of tools: 

- Gottman Method Couples Therapy, The Gottman Institute, US

- First year Haptotherapy Training, the Netherlands

- Haptonomy Foundations, the Netherlands

- Inner Child Therapy certification, Pat Wyman, US

- Generative Trance, Stephen Gilligan, US

- Coach training, Coach University, US

- NLP Master Practitioner, Robert Dilts, US

- NLP Practitioner, PPD, UK

- Work in the Enneagram, hypnotherapy, focusing, non-violent 

   communication, family constellations and Feldenkrais

- MBTI certification, the American Management Association, US

- Black belt in Aikido (shodan)

- Master in Corporate Communications, RSM University,

  The Netherlands


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