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Ingrid Maitimo

Languages:  NL  EN  FR

It is my passion to contribute to a happier and more tolerant society by working with you to guide your personal path in understanding who you are. Together we unveil your hidden gifts, talents and tackle the barriers that prevent you from living the life you want. As a result, you will have a solid foundation for making the right choices in your personal and professional life.

The greater part of my working life, including 13 years at Shell International, I have been an organisational development consultant with a strong focus on people, leadership and behavioural change. Shell enabled me to work in very different parts of the world where passionate, authentic and talented people were my colleagues.


Experiencing in practice diversity and authenticity strengthened my belief that if we, as a family, a team, a society or a company, accept every person for who she or he innate is, we contribute to a better society. It has been then and there that the seed of my transition to a 3Keys Practitioner was planted.

3Keys to Self-Understanding gave me the courage and self-belief to leave my job at Shell to become a 3Keys Practitioner.

I would love to listen to your story and work with you to guide you on your path towards informed life decision making. And to ultimately see that you have arrived at a solid foundation for an authentic, more purposeful and fulfilled life.


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