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Hawkins Cui


Language: EN CHIN

I was once a no-nonsense marketing executive with a blue-chip career. After 22 years of climbing the ladders in global mega-organizations, I found myself suffering from stress and anxiety without a worthy cause. I entered 3Keys work because of my desire and curiosity for midlife growth. Along this journey, I not only experienced a breakthrough from my past self-inhibiting patterns but also heard my life’s calling to offer hope to those in suffering. Encouraged by my newfound true self, I became a 3Keys partitioner in 2023 and founded Idealists Refuge for my practice.


Before 3Keys, I held management positions with Honeywell and General Electric for two decades and recently led a Honeywell residential business spin-off in the Asia region. I lived in Shanghai for over 15 years, and still frequently travel internationally. I currently reside in the greater Boston area with my wife and daughter. I am an electrical engineer by training with a B.S. degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts. I speak and write in both English and Chinese Mandarin.


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