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Dominique Vissenberg

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I want to contribute to a world where people can really see themselves, others and their environment.

My diversity in education, training and workplaces have as a common thread my love for people and the environment. After years of working in the field of nature and animal protection through education and sustainability campaigns, I have been trained as a 3keys practitioner and certified psychosocial art therapist based on Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT) since 2021.

In addition to guiding processes for meaning, personal development and self-empowerment, my true passion lies in helping others learn to (first) deal with suffering. This could be contemporary suffering such as bereavement or pain. But mostly the suffering from childhood traumas.

If you were given all kinds of beliefs about yourself as a child, this can hold you back for the rest of your life, hinder you or imprison you with behavior that you do not want. And that can cause new problems such as burnout, conflicts with those around you, or all kinds of addictions- whether socially accepted ones or not. Patterns are often incredibly unconscious, fully automatic and painful to be confronted with.

I too have had to deal with that. After many unsuccessful forms of therapy, I was fortunate to have 3Keysinternational coming my way. I finally experienced self-empowerment, by relieving my child-part of the feelings of guilt and responsibility and by strengthening who I am as an adult. The non-judgment and patience of all 3keys practitioners I have met so far, touched me deeply. Since then it has been my wish to be able to be this kind of meaning to others who are struggling. In addition to the 3Keys method, I also use creative/art work as a means to evoke or strengthen emotions and ACT in elaborating which direction suits the real you.

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