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Alaa Jamal Fitaihi


Languages :  AR 

Throughout my life, I have believed that everyone has a hidden copy of her/himself, nobody knows its reality. This is the highest, truest version of ourselves, called instinct؛ the natural quality we were born with.

 This faith has encouraged me to dig in myself to find who I am. As a part of this journey, I attended an endless number of psychological workshops, I have not hesitated to consult many therapists and life coaches to find my real personality. Eventually, I got sessions with a 3Keys practitioner, which was a turning point in my life.

I offer 3Keys work in Saudi Arabia, one-to-one and public sessions, online, and face-to-face. I aim to help my clients reach the highest truest version of themselves.

I am a lecturer in the faculty of Business Administration and a free licensed trainer. I have a master’s degree in Accounting and Finance- Stock Market analysis field.



Instagram: alaa.selfbeing

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