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Do You Ever Wonder

How You Got To Where You Are Today?

About You

How are you?

Do you sometimes think about what life would be like if you had taken another path? 

​​​Are you stuck in a dysfunctional relationship?

Do you regularly feel stressed? 

Have you had traumatic experiences that continue to impact your life?

Would you like some help to maximize your potential and to have access to all your gifts and talents – even some you don’t know you have?

Are you looking for meaning and purpose in life?


"Yes" to any of these?

If you feel drawn to answering "Yes" to any of these questions, then the 3Keys approach to self-understanding can help you to recognise and gain control over the root causes of your pain and negative patterns. In other words, instead of these patterns controlling you, you will be empowered with agency over your life and inner peace.


3Keys does this by working with you to uncover and heal inner conflict, guiding you on a transformational journey towards living out your true talents and innate life preferences. Specifically, the three keys we apply with you to enable this are:


  1. The understanding of your True Self, profiled by the MBTI®; the realisation that this is who you truly are, and is separate from     

  2. your defence mechanism, profiled by the Enneagram, and

  3. inner child or shadow work aimed at dismantling the power of old wounds and early childhood conditioning over the person you are today.

“Realise at long last that you have within you something stronger and more numinous than those agents of emotion which make you a mere puppet on their strings”

(Marcus Aurelius, Meditations)

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How We Are Different

How We Are Different

The 3Keys approach for personal healing work is unique and unlike anything else available today. The 3Keys approach is different from conventional talk therapy or healing work in several significant ways:

  • We do not “fix” or give advice.  A 3Keys Practitioner is your guide to uncovering and controlling subconscious programmes that are limiting your life. Instead of advice, we provide you with full access to your innate talents and wisdom so that you can make informed life decisions for yourself that are in your highest and best interest.

  • We do not just talk about your issues or problems. We work with body, mind and emotions to access the root cause of problems you may be experiencing, using a unique combination of tools including imagery, art, and empowering body movement. We then guide you to use these tools yourself to be able to access more options within you to help you to live your life to its fullest potential.


  • We do not blame or criticise. We help you discover the subconscious programmes that account for negative behaviours, patterns and/or compulsions. We do not try to change you; rather, we empower you with the tools you need to make the life changes you select.


  • 3Keys work is not “one size fits all”. We use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) to understand who you are designed to be and how you best communicate. We plan our work together based on your unique history and personality. We meet you where you are and accompany you on the path to where you want to be.


  • We don’t use negative or pejorative labels to describe behaviours. We use the Enneagram to profile your defence system and to help you understand its coping strategies, which have been out of your conscious control. By uncovering the early programmes that required emotional defence, we empower you with the ability to make more rational and informed choices than your subconscious, irrational defence system could provide.


  • We do not breed dependency on therapy sessions. We gently guide you to apply the inner work tools we use with you independently, whenever you may need them. This means that you will come away from 3Keys work with a sustainable personal practice to apply for life, without depending on therapy sessions.

About Us

About Us

We are an international group of inner work practitioners, coming from diverse areas of expertise and united around the 3Keys model for Self-Understanding, dedicated to helping you get from where you are within yourself today to where you want to be.

We believe that everyone deserves to be the person he or she was intrinsically born to be. Our purpose is to work with you to facilitate your personal journey to self-understanding and of discovering who you really are, beneath the family and social conditioning you have experienced. By doing so with practical tools that you can use for life, we aim to help you reach an everyday state of feeling empowered, balanced and grounded.

We do this not just by talking and discussing the areas in your life where you feel stuck, lost or stressed. Rather, we guide you on an inward journey using techniques developed under the 3Keys model that engage your body and your emotions as well as your mind. We assist you in accessing the deep-rooted limiting beliefs and negative conditioning that may be holding you back from healing from past hurt or trauma. As your guides through this transformative process, we also help you understand your strengths and limitations, why you do what you do, and provide you with the tools to move from a place of pain to one in which you can feel joy, wellbeing, and maximise your potential. Through this work, you will be able to let go of behaviours and patterns that no longer serve you, and live from your most authentic and fulfilled self.

Finally, we show you how to put these acquired tools into practice in order to be able to sustainably thrive in the life you choose. We stay with you and support you until you are able to use these tools independently, helping you reach inner peace and agency over your life, no matter the chaos around you.

In short, we facilitate your journey into your desired future.

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