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Fleur van Roon-Heuzinkveld

Languages: NL  EN

As long as I can remember I have looked for meaning and purpose. I try to live my life consciously and have always been interested in people and their inner coherence. I am curious about what drives us and how we can evolve into free and harmonious beings.

Towards my clients this translates into an inquisitive and curious attitude. I welcome everything that they present, without judgment; both the beautiful and the less beautiful.

This stems from a personal belief that the most difficult experiences can enrich us with the most valuable lessons.

This belief grew out of the difficulties I encountered on my own path. Finding my way was never easy, but the process always enriched me.

When working with my clients, I look for the treasure and blessing that is hidden in every experience. To this, I am committed.

Clients experience me as warm, empathetic and patient, as well as analytical, decisive and persistent.

I work closely with my husband and fellow 3Keys practitioner Ilja van Roon. We are both licensed relationship therapists and can offer couples a closely aligned combination of an individual 3Keys process for both partners and couples therapy. This is important because many relationship issues have their roots in our personal history and cannot be solved in the relationship.

Different disciplines come together in my work, including:

-  Gottman Method Couples Therapy (The Gottman Institute)

-  Inner Child Therapy Certification (Pat Wyman – 3Keys)

-  Systemic Support During Divorce (Kita Bronda – Kind en Ik

-  Holistic Family Therapy (Sylvia Leegwater – Dreamchild)

-  Work in the Enneagram, MBTI, (step)parenting, family

   constellations, anthroposophy and meditation

-  Post-Bachelor Human Resources Management (NCOI)

-  Master in Public Administration (Free University Amsterdam)

-  Bachelor in Integrated Communications Management

    (University of Applied Sciences Utrecht) 


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